Last chance to get MI40X for a legit $200 Off (sale ends tonight)

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I’ll cut right to the chase…

Today (15/06/14) is your FINAL opportunity to join 4,389 brand new users who are taking advantage of the most ground breaking research inside Ben Pakulski’s 40-day muscle building and fat-stripping program,

MI40-Xtreme.==>Your $200 Launch Discount Ends TONIGHT at Midnight

If you want to gain pounds of head-spinning, attention-demanding muscle that puts you in a league all your own in the gym… here are 5 reasons you would be very WISE to grab this before the launch sale ends tonight at midnight: 5. How does 12 pounds of muscle in 6-weeks sound? Don’t believe me? Here’s the research tested in a Division-1 University study to back it up:

4.  Start C.E.P. (cell expansion protocol) Training:
The type of training is scientifically proven to recruit the maximum number of myosatelite cells. These highly specialized “muscle helper cells” attach to muscles in response to CEP, and donate a nuclei.
The more often you do it, the more nuclei you will be able to recruit. Increased number of nuclei in the working muscle means increased recovery and therefore… GROWTH! More growth than you would’ve otherwise would’ve ever been able to achieve with your previous genetic limit.

To find out exactly how to do
C.E.P. training…

3. C.E.P. training is based around INTRA-SET STRETCHING. A BRUTAL “4-minute protocol”. The research suggests 200% greater muscle growth! How does it work? Click here to SEE HOW!2. Let’s admit it: You’re going to WASTE far more money than $97 over the next 30 days, simply from eating the wrong foods and taking BS mass-produced commercial supplements that you actually just piss down the toilet…Worst of all, you’ll be wasting TIME, which is the most valuable thing in the universe… Investing in yourself today will set you apart from the sheep and turn you into a LION that others admire and envy…

1. Most importantly… these are the SAME methods Big Ben follows himself to prepare for the Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic and he’s created three 6-week versions of the program: “Newbie Naturals”, “Graduates” and legit “Pros!”! So, in total, you’re getting 18-weeks of awesomeness. If this doesn’t work for you, I don’t know what will…

Join before midnight and you can receive a legit $200 discount but don’t order it just to save some bucks.Invest in MI40-Xtreme for it’s science, uniqueness and strategy.

Invest in MI40-Xtreme to transform your mind… body… and future.

Invest in MI40-Xtreme to become a LION and live a life that MATTERS.

I’m 100% confident that you’ll absolutely love Ben’s outstanding program and it will be your “genetic smashing” system for long lasting gains to put you in a league of your own.

==> $200 OFF MI40X Launch Sale ENDS TONIGHT <— Act now or miss out.

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