MI40 Extreme $50 Cash Back Disclaimer

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When you join MI40 Extreme via this link and you accept the upsale and in doing so, choosing to join Ben Pakulski’s MI40 Nation, you will receive your $50 cash back paid directly to your Paypal Account.  Note: You have to join Ben Pakulski’s Inner Circle before you will be entitled to your $50 Cash Back. Simply send your proof of purchase to [email protected] and include your Paypal email. After verifying that you have indeed bought through this link and you have accepted the upsell, Ben Pakulski’s inner circle, I will be happy to pay $50 to your Paypal email specified.

Note that there is a free MI40 Nation 30 day all-access trial membership. $50 Cash Back is not applicable to the free 30 day trial membership. The $50 Cash Back will be paid only after you sign up to MI40 Nation after the 30 day trial expired.

Very Important: Make sure you clear your cookies before you buy from to ensure that you are eligible for the $50 Cash Back. Although very unlikely, unfortunately technology is not perfect and there is a very small chance that when you clear your cookies and buy via our link that it might not be credited to If in this very unlikely situation we will unfortunately not be able to credit you with the $50 Cash Back, but as already mentioned, this is a very unlikely situation.

You will receive your $50 Cash Back as soon as we receive proof of your monthly subscription for MI40 Nation.

For any questions you might have in this regard, please contact [email protected]

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