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Ever felt confused in regards to the bulking process? How long should you bulk for? How much should you eat and when should you actually start to cut down following shred meal plans? Have you ever wondered if bulking even works? Some say that traditional bulking can actually kill your muscle gains dead in its tracks and that bulking can train your body to store fat instead of building muscle.

IFBB Pro Body Builder, Ben Pakulski, just released his brand new program, called, The Incredible Bulk and this program is build on the principles of cyclical bulking that allows you to track very accurately via a web application on your mobile phone when you should be bulking and when you should be cutting to ensure maximal hormonal activity and maximum muscle gains.

—–> Click here to read in detail the science behind The Incredible Bulk

One of the greatest benefits of this program is that the mobile application provides you with very accurate information so you can track your progress very accurately at all times, and this is the number one thing that a lot of people neglect to do.

Does The Incredible Bulk replace MI40X?

In my honest opinion, I believe that MI40X is a fantastic muscle building program and the program is very detailed, but where it lacks is when it comes to the nutrition guide. The nutrition guide is only 12 pages long and although it gives you more or less an idea of what to eat and what to avoid and more or less how many calories needs to be consumed during each phase, it is not very user friendly and practical.

The Incredible Bulk in my opinion is a superb diet solution for massive muscle gains that will compliment a muscle building program like MI40X, perfectly. The web application for your mobile phone makes it very easy to track your progress very accurately.

—–> Click here to read in detail the science behind The Incredible Bulk

I hope that you will find the article in the link above very interesting and that it will once and for all answer all your questions in regards to the bulking process.

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