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Who Else Wants To Banish “DOMS”?

So yoga makes you grow faster and lets you push more weight. Jeez, what else could you ask for?

Well, there’s another cool “fringe benefit” of including yoga in your training. Researchers at the Department Of Exercise Science And Sports Studies in Massachusetts found that yoga actually reduces Delayed Onset Muscle Soreness (DOMS).

DOMS is that nasty muscle soreness you get one or two days after your workout. And I think we can all live without it…

Dave “The Muscle Cook” Ruel Praises Yoga For Bodybuilding

“As a bodybuilder I have always been interested in pushing myself in the gym with heavy weights, intense workouts and at time even hard cardio to diet down for shows. But the one thing that resulted from all of those factors was that I was no longer flexible (not to say I ever was before). My range of movement began to be affected as the years went by and I never valued the importance or strategic proper stretching for bodybuilders until I met Adam. It’s not that I didn’t know that stretching was important, but I didn’t know HOW important it was until I started trying yoga routines specific for weightlifting. It has opened my eyes to it’s benefits. Sadly it seems like it is the most underrated muscle building technique out there but if done correctly, like in Yoga for Bodybuilders, it can be responsible for new muscular gains, better range of movement and a lot more great results you would have never experienced before.”

— Dave Ruel

Professional Fitness Model Uses YBB To Accelerate Muscle Gains

“Everyone knows they need to stretch, but why does no one do it? Yes, it’s boring… but I believe it’s also because, until now, no one teaches how to choose the right exercises, the correct sequence, and the optimal duration. Yoga For Bodybuilders is, perhaps, the most important resource for any beginner or advanced bodybuilder to own. Their step-by-step course makes streching easy and thoughtless and allows you to stretch for more muscle (no pun intended!) and the best part is that they teach you EXACTLY what exercises to do depending on the bodypart you’re training. I wish I had this course ten years ago! Their course literally helps you create “more room” for your muscles to grow and this might be the number one limiting factor preventing you from growing bigger. Improving your flexiblity even by a few centimeters can make tremendous differences in your symmetry, posture, strength and performance and how you feel. Say goodbye to tight shoulders and a sore lower back! This is a resource I insist ALL my clients add to their bodybuilding regime!”

—Vince Del Monte

How To Get Started…

Okay, like I said, the key here is to do “mobility” based movements before you lift. That means you’re moving the joints and not really holding any “static” positions. After your workout, add in “flexibility” based exercises. These go deeper into your extreme ranges of motion, and they generally involve holding static positions longer.

So the specific exercises are important. And it takes a bit of effort to figure it out. But if you want a “done for you” menu of exactly what to do when, you can check out the program below…

Introducing The Highly Anticipated

Yoga For Bodybuilders

Your Menu For Increased Muscle & Strength
Gains In Just Minutes A Day

Component #1Yoga For Bodybuilders Manual

Your instantly downloadable Yoga For Bodybuilders Manual contains everything you need to ramp up muscle gains, banish aches and pains and rebalance your physique.

We tell you exactly which mobility exercises to use for each muscle group, and which stretches provide the best release for each body part. We also reveal the secrets of stretching, including how often to stretch for the fastest results, and exactly what mistakes to avoid in each physiological phase of a stretch. This is the master key that’ll take your physique to an entirely new level.

Component #2YBB Printable Charts

You don’t have time for guessing games, and neither do we. The Yoga For Bodybuilders menu charts make it easy to add mobility and flexibility work to any training session. Just print ‘em and take ‘em to the gym. They’ll remind you exactly which moves to use when you’re working each body part. Training chest and back? Take a quick look at the chart and do the warm up and cool down for those body parts. Get all the benefits of yoga without messing around. It’s that easy!

Component #3YBB Gym Floor Cheat Sheets

Do you prefer print to video? Just need a quick reference for an exercise, but don’t feel like opening the video library or digging out your ipod? No problem! Your Yoga For Bodybuilders Gym Floor Cheat Sheets contain a complete library of written cues for every exercise in the Yoga For Bodybuilders menu. It’s the perfect reminder that you can print and keep in your gym bag. We’ve got ya covered!

Component #4YBB Upper Body Video Collection

This component alone is worth its weight in gold! Kris walks you through every upper body pose and dynamic exercise in the Yoga For Bodybuilders program. Her teaching is clear, accessibile and scientific. There’s no fluff or New Age crap—just stuff that works.

You can watch the videos on your desktop or take the smartphone friendly version to the gym on your iPhone or other mobile device. The exercises are portable, and so is the program!

Component #5YBB Lower Body Video Collection

Just like the upper body collection, Kris walks you through every lower body pose and dynamic exercise in the Yoga For Bodybuilders program. Her teaching is clear, accessibile and scientific. There’s no fluff or New Age crap—just stuff that you can use on leg day.

Watch the videos on your desktop or take the smartphone friendly version to the gym on your iPhone or other mobile device. The program goes where YOU need it.

There’s never been a more convenient or easy-to-follow program for increasing mobility and flexibility to blow past your current levels of strength and muscle mass. And because you’re one of the first to get in on this new system, you can get the entire 5 component $120 system right now for one easy payment of…





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